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This presentation shares with
High School / College Students
and job seekers of all ages
inside secrets of what Recruiters look for in searching for candidates.

Ilene demonstrates how a Recruiter searches for candidates, job sites from the recruiting side and what you can do to improve your resume to get noticed.
Examples of resumes are shown illustrating presentation, what to put on a resume, as well as what not to put on it.

Job Seekers will leave with an
understanding of how to get hired!


This presentation prepares
High School / College Students
and job seekers of all ages
for their job and college
upcoming interviews.

Ilene works on building confidence and reducing anxiety during interviewing.  
She reviews questions you may be asked,
what the interviewer is really looking for,
and discuss the responses
so you are better prepared and
answer with confidence.

Attendees will leave more confident for interviews than when they entered!


 "This was the most beneficial,
most outstanding workshop I have ever attended.
Ilene is more than good!"  

"I feel more confident in my ability to present myself to future employers "  

"I learned so much and had fun doing so!  
Loved this class and the instructor!"  

"Ms. Rein is a natural teacher with excellent technique and patience.   
Enjoyable & informative.  
Good practical information'."

" Ilene definitely helped my daughter organize,
both on paper and online,
her accomplishments and strategy for finding a job.
She encouraged and pushed in ways
that tend to more effective than parental guidance.
My daughter has a good job and is completely off the family payroll,
in her own apt, paying loans, insurance, cell and all.  


Ilene Shares the Inside Secrets to Job Hunting to Get Your Group Hired!

Most Popular Audiences

College Students / Graduates

Students searching for a coop/internship
or Graduates searching for
full time employment.

Adults - Employed & Unemployed

The job hunting market is very different today than it was just a few years ago.
It is beneficial to see what works now.

High School Students

Looking for your first job?  
Great information to learn how to
find a job and to survive the interview!

Women Re-entering Workforce

 Took time off to raise a family?  Now what?   Learn how to get back into the workforce. 

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