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Speaker / Career Advisor / Consultant

Full Time Recruiter Ilene Rein guides you through the inside secrets to the job hunting process.

Speaker/Recruiter Ilene Rein gives a unique perspective of looking at job searching through a Recruiter’s eye sharing with you what works on a resume, how to prepare for an interview, and building confidence so you land your dream job.

Ilene created the program Pounding Pavement 101  based on years of experience of talking to people and hearing that they have no plan as they go job hunting or how to prepare for an interview. She felt there was information that needed to get out there from the eyes of the Recruiter/Employer/Interviewer to make the experience a little less painful than it needs to be.

Ilene recognizes that these skills do not come naturally to everyone. Ilene first hand understands the issues that are involved for young adults with disability issues entering the workforce and getting through the interviewing process. The same holds true for the survival of college interviews as well. As a motivational speaker, Ilene will build confidence to go after your dream job.


Speaking Topics

RESUMES: Learn the Inside Secrets to Grab a Recruiter's Attention

  Do you send your resume out and
wonder why the phone is not ringing? Recruiting Professional Ilene Rein
will guide you through the inside secrets
of how a Recruiter searches for candidates
and what you can do to
improve your resume to get noticed.
Detailed examples of resumes are shown illustrating presentation,
what to put on a resume,
as well as what not to put on it.  

ACE YOUR NEXT INTERVIEW: Inside Secrets from a Professional Recruiter

  You prepared for your SAT's?
So why would you not
prepare for an interview???
Ilene works on building confidence and reducing anxiety during this important set of interviews that you will be embarking on.
NO MOCK INTERVIEWS! They just add stress! We review questions you may be asked,
what the interviewer is really looking for,
and discuss the responses so you are better prepared and answer with confidence. 


"Ilene changed my outlook on how to achieve this goal from my initial mindset of “something will come to me” to “I need to bang on every door I can find until I get where I want to be.”   — G.L., College Graduate and Now Employed! 

" Ilene simplifies the equation. " — A.C., College Student Seeking Co-op/Internship  

"Ilene has cracked through that shell of our son's stubbornness by demonstrating that what she offers clearly works. .... She has instilled in him a confidence that we never thought possible."  — P.S., Parent of a College Graduate 


You need to get a new job? You need to talk to Ilene. I look at my job search in two parts - pre and post Ilene. Before Ilene I was applying for jobs and ..... well that is all, I was applying for jobs. I was getting the usual "we are looking at other candidates" and lots of recruiter calls that went absolutely no where. After I met Ilene and she helped me redo my resume and fix my Linked In Profile....I talked to a LOT more recruiters and actually went on interviews, plus... I actually got a job. Ilene knows the business of job hunting. More importantly she knows the business of Job GETTING and she's in your corner. Don't be like me and have a 'pre Ilene' phase. — J.B., Job Seeker and Now Employed 

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I would love to talk with you to discuss how I can share the inside secrets to the job market with you and your group to make job hunting a little less painful than it needs to be.

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